BEM EXPERTS has been operating in the non-marine sector since 1989. We focus on dealing with more complex claims, liability investigations and determining the value of industrial risks.


We have a multidisciplinary team of multilingual engineers, architects, environmental and safety experts, agriculture specialists and financial experts with over 20 years’ experience.

We are a partner in the Context International, with correspondents in most European countries.


  1. Handling of (complex) claim files – industrial risks – related to:
    • Case damage (Fire, Machinery Breakdown, Electronic Risks and Construction All risks)
    • Liability (PI Exploitation, PI After Delivery, professional liability, Decennial Liability and Legal Assistance)
    • Vehicle collision damage
    • Financial losses
    • Specific expertise gained in handling areas such as building construction, electricity and electronics, mechanics, environmental cases, food, agriculture, chemistry, transport and art.

  2. Assessment of industrial risks.
The hassle of damage and loss is our challenge